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Sounds of Death
Six months ago, Nika lost her hearing. She went through hell and high water to return to her familiar world and got into an experimental program. Now, thanks to a pair of nondescript earrings, Nika can hear again.

She is invited along on a business trip to fairyland Barcelona. Nika is drinking in Catalonian sights and the world that is, once again, full of sounds. Yet she is unaware that the innovative solution is the target of a hunt.

Industrial espionage, theft, and murder, this is a far cry from Nika's expectations of the trip. Where to run? Who to trust in a strange land? And what to do if the only thing you can hear is the sounds of your own death?
Overheard Murder
Winner of the «Russian Detective» 2022 and Rock&Book 2022 awards.
An unprecedented event in Istanbul! During the marketing course, the world’s largest advertising agency announced that the best student would get a position at the London office.

Nika got lucky and became one of the contenders. But lectures in English for her are an ordeal. What an English! She doesn’t always understand Russian either. New hearing aids work much better than old ones, but perfect hearing is only possible in advertising.
On top of that, she has not only to learn but also to fend off the attacks of competitors. Fifteen marketers will do anything to get the job they want, so fighting, cheating, and manipulation are the order of things. Besides, no one thought the competition for a prestigious position would end in murder.

Who is the criminal? Is it related to the courses? Will there be more victims? The situation escalates when Nika realizes someone wants to pin the murder on her.
First Interplanetary Detective
Four years ago, at the Earth, the Gates appeared: foreign arches leading to other planets. Aliens are now walking our streets, and it’s easier to go to another planet than to visit a friend.

Alice works as an interplanetary courier, delivering packages, traveling, and enjoying her life. But once upon a time, she gets a message saying her friend from the planet Irbug is in danger. She can’t call that friend. The only link between the planets is couriers, so Alice doesn’t hesitate to hurry to help — only to find out that she’s been deceived into getting to a crime scene. Her friend is suspected of murder, and Alice is risking arrest for illegal entrance to the planet.

Who sent the message? What does artificial intelligence have to do with it? Why did the victim need a сrypt, and why is the developed Irbug civilization so afraid of technologies? To save her friend and avoid jail, Alice would have to answer these questions and expose the murderer.

Translation to English is in progress.
Effect of the Gates
The science fiction detective Effect of the Gates is a finalist of the national prize Russian Rhymes, Russian Word, 2019.

The novel’s action takes place in our time, but the world is different from what we’re used to. Four years ago, the Gates that led to other planets appeared on the Earth. The people are still not used to the world being upside down, but a new shock has arrived: at one of the neighboring planets, a supervolcano erupted, and crowds of refugees rushed to Earth.

People are doing their best to help the new neighbors, but the Earth fails to manage the crisis and asks the interplanetary community for help. To discuss the matter, an emergency meeting is announced at the Goska planet, where one of the diplomats is killed.

The investigation is given to Detective Rask, who finds himself in a rather uneasy position. First of all, he’s terribly afraid of the Effect of the Gates, so interplanetary travel is quite challenging for him. Second, the main suspect is Alice, his friend from Earth, and he is yet to prove her innocence.

Translation to English is in progress.
Gates Are Closing
Debt to society, justice, mission… what if all these things are taken to the extreme? Debt turns into an unmanageable load, Justice creates inequality, and Mission becomes a whim.

Such a society doesn’t care about your dreams or desires. It doesn’t care where you have a goal. Society only needs the gears to keep turning in a single rhythm. Carry out your function, follow the scenario, and never think about anything bigger. Get in a rut, from birth to a dignified death. Nobody cares whether your life in between will be dignified, too.

This is the kind of world that Alice gets into. Her beloved is locked on another planet, and the disappearing Gates cut them from one another. Will she be able to forgive the betrayal of Earth? Will she be able to choose between mission and debt? Will she find justice?

In the final book of the Interplanetary Detective series, Alice will have to go on a dangerous trip, make a deal with the terrorists, and find out what the Gates really are.

Translation to English is in progress.
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